Playing responsibly, what`s to know:

We apply a policy of an ethical and responsible game offering, to be consumed with a responsible intent by our customers. To support this mission, we proactively promote our Responsible Gaming tools to our customers for an enhanced, safe and secure gaming environment. We are devoted to offering our customers a 100% carefree, enjoyable and safe experience.

Play for fun, keep it a game

Fun is the keyword here and placing a bet for entertainment that you can afford is the only way to it;  placing a bet too many times to break even, make money or any other motive than just leisure or fun is definitely not.

To know yourself, is to know when to stop

If you are feeling unsure if you are at risk of developing an addiction or if you are concerned about playing too much, use our anonymous self-test, to get some safe play advice based on your answers and your playing behavior.

Keep your play in control with our RG tools here

Always choose to use a limit that works best with your gambling habits; you can test out the RG tools here by yourself or make use of our free RG tool consultation by our expert customer support agents.

Keep an eye on the time spent

Time flies when you are having fun! And that is great, just make sure that you decide upfront how much time you are comfortable spending on our site per session, as to make sure that you use our services as intended, for fun! Never spend your precious time on gambling when your agenda does not permit you to or when you find it would affect your work, relationships, mental or physical health, or family bonds.

Keeping an eye on money spent

Decide upfront how much money you are willing to spend on a maximum and that you can afford to lose. Make a budget and stick to it. Make use of our RG tools to set a limit or contact our expert customer support agents for a free consultation.

Stay social

Gamble for fun and meet your friends or family no less than you would if you were not gambling. We surely do try our best to take good care of you, but no one knows you like your own loved ones. Do not alienate yourself from them for the sake of gambling.

Do not play while intoxicated

Gambling is to be practiced with calm and controlled decisions and any intoxication will decrease your ability to make reasonable ones. Use our RG tools to make sure that you can take a break before taking part in any intoxicating activity, to avoid uncontrolled losses.

Play responsibly and make sure that you understand what that means

If you think that you have a strategy that helps you win, think twice, as gambling is intended to be used as a pastime activity...and that’s about it. Feeling lucky? Or won something? That is great! But don’t quit your job just yet, gambling involves winning and losing, so make sure to keep it a game!


A) Account Self Exclusion

1. How can I exclude my account?

Visit the Player Protection section in your account. Select Self-exclusion and then the timeframe and the reasoning, while you can also contact our Customer Support for any additional help.

2. What are the Self Exclusion options/time frames that I can choose from and what more do I need to know about them before applying it to my account?

Take a Break: By selecting this feature, you can take a break at any time for 24 hours, while you can always extend the timeframe of the break that you have initially chosen to 1-2-6-9 months or even indefinitely, using the Self-exclusion functionality below.

Self Exclusion: By selecting this feature, you can be Self-Excluded from your account; this feature starts from the moment it is set and is valid for the period of time you will choose (1-2-6-9 months or indefinitely). Once set, you can increase the time frame at any time with immediate effect, but you cannot reduce the limit once set.

For lifting an indefinite Self Exclusion please contact Customer Support, but keep in mind that, for your protection and following the regulatory requirements, your request may be examined after 12 months have passed since your initial self-exclusion request has been submitted.

3. Can I reactivate my account while being self-excluded?

You can increase the time frame of your self-exclusion at any time with immediate effect, but you cannot reduce it. For lifting an indefinite Self Exclusion, please contact Customer Support, but keep in mind that, for your protection and following the regulatory requirements, your request may be examined after 12 months have passed since your initial self-exclusion request has been submitted.

4. Will my account be automatically reactivated after my set Self Exclusion period expires?

Yes, once the set period expires, your account restores full access to our products and services. To lift an indefinite Self Exclusion please contact Customer Support.

5. How often can I close my account?

As many times as you want. One of the Responsible Gaming best practices is to take regular breaks from your gaming activity as often as you feel it is needed.

B) Self-exclusion and funds/open bets

1. What will happen to my account funds when I activate Self Exclusion?

By selecting Self Exclusion for a defined time frame, your account’s funds stay on the betting account for the period selected for you to either request to withdraw them or to keep them on your betting account for use after the Self Exclusion period ends. If you choose to self-exclude your account under the indefinite Self Exclusion type, you may reach our Customer support for further information and assistance with the withdrawal of your remaining account funds.

2. What will happen with my open bets when I activate Self Exclusion?

The bets are still valid and any winning settlement will be transferred automatically to your betting account.

3. If my open bet wins during Self Exclusion, will I still be able to withdraw my winnings?

The winnings of any bet that is settled as won will be automatically transferred to your betting account. In the case of a Self Exclusion for a defined time frame, you can log in to your betting account and withdraw the funds, while if you have self-excluded your account indefinitely, we will be contacting you on the details of transferring your funds to a payment method.

C) Limits

1. Where can I set my limits for my account?

Visit the Player Protection section in your account to select from a variety of limitations features for your protection.

2. What are the types of limits that I can choose from?

The types of limitations that you can set for all our products are Loss, Deposit, and Time Limits, as well as Withdrawal Request Cancellation.

3. How do these limits work?

Loss limits: Loss limits take effect from the moment they are set. Their calculation depends on the Betting P&L and they are set on a defined time frame (daily, weekly, monthly). They are reset automatically and are applied again, on the selected time frame. Open bets and/or tournaments are taken into consideration for the loss limits. 

Deposit limits: They are defined on a specific time frame (daily, weekly, monthly, ). Their calculation depends on the money you deposit in your account (daily, weekly, monthly). They are reset automatically and are applied again, on the selected time frame. 

Time Limits: They are applicable in Casino and Virtuals only and take effect from the moment they are set with respect to your total betting activity on these products on a defined time frame (daily, weekly, monthly). They are reset automatically and are applied again, on the selected time frame. 

*You can decrease any of the above limits anytime, while you will have to wait for their expiration to increase them.

Withdrawal Request Cancellation: You may at any time deactivate the withdrawal request cancellation feature in your account by selecting 'Do Not Allow Withdrawal Request Cancellation'. This request shall have immediate effect. In case you would like to activate the withdrawal request cancellation feature again, you may select 'Allow Withdrawal Request Cancellation'. This request shall take effect 7 days later. In case you do not wish for a pending request to be applied, insert your password and select 'Save'.

4. How can I adjust my active limits?

Visit the Player Protection section in your account but keep in mind that for your own protection and following the regulatory requirements:

i)The change of the type of limits (e.g. daily to weekly, weekly to monthly, etc) can only take place after the expiration of the previous.

ii)The change of the time limits to the stricter (e.g. 120 minutes per day to 60 minutes per day) can be applied immediately.

iii)The change of the time limits to less strict (e.g. 60 minutes per day to 120 minutes per day) is not allowed, until the expiration of the time limit as set originally.

5. How can I best decide on a spending limit that’s right for me?

In order for you to know which spending limit is right for you, we strongly suggest following this equation:

Υοur income - Daily costs of living - Bills - Money you spend on other hobbies = Maximum allowed amount that you could spend on betting.

Never forget to make the provisions for unforeseen costs that life can bring.

D) Preventing underaged gaming

1. What is the minimum age requirement for opening a betting account?

You have to be over 21 years of age or over the minimum legal age as stipulated in the laws of jurisdiction applicable to you.

2. How can I restrict access to relevant sites for underaged people in my environment?

We recommend logging out of devices shared with minors and never use autofill passwords if the device can be easily accessed by minors.

3. How can I block access to betting sites on my computer?

If you share your computer with friends or family who are under the legal age to register or bet on our site, please consider parental filtering solutions, such as and

E) Referral to an external organization for Gambling related issues

1. I am experiencing gambling related issues or addiction, can you advise me further?

To speak with someone who can give you professional advice and support, please contact any of these organizations:,,,

2. Why are you referring me to KETHEA Alpha?

KETHEA is the largest rehabilitation and social reintegration network in Greece. It has been providing its services to drug addicts and their families since 1983, known initially as Ithaki, the first Greek therapeutic community. Its services are offered free of charge, many of them on the street and in prisons, and in rehabilitation units around Greece. Apart from drug addiction, KETHEA helps people suffering from other forms of addiction including alcohol, gambling, and the Internet.

Being the leading organization in its field, KETHEA ALFA is based in Athens and is aimed at people with problematic alcohol use or a pathological involvement with gambling, providing personalized treatment on an outpatient basis, allowing participants to tackle their abuse or addiction, without having to move away from the family and professional environment.

3. What happens when I reach KETHEA Alpha?

KETHEA Alpha’s gambling treatment is based on a personalized plan drawn up in line with the needs of the person concerned and designed in a non-disruptive way with respect to their personal, working life and social activities. KETHEA Alpha’s treatment programmes include personal counselling, group psychotherapy, psychiatric support, and family or couples’ therapy.

Participants usually attend the program once or twice a week, depending on the treatment phase they are in. The program aims to address the causes of their gambling addiction, as well as to construct a new gambling-free lifestyle.

4. Can I reach KETHEA Alpha for advice for someone in my environment who might be experiencing gambling related issues?

KETHEA ALFA provides family support, primarily by arranging couples’ therapy. Families with a member who is addicted to alcohol or gambling, but has not yet taken the decision to make use of their therapy services can still receive help from KETHEA ALFA.

5. Can I reach ΚΕΤΗΕΑ anonymously?

ΚΕΤΗΕΑ services are provided confidentially, while anonymity is always respected.

6. Are KETHEA Alpha consultation services free of charge?

Yes, all KETHEA Alpha services are free of charge.

F) How to use my account correctly, according to the site’s terms and conditions and best practices

1. Can I use more than one account?

The answer is no. According to paragraph 2.3 in our Game Plan"Customers are only allowed to open and sustain one account. Opening and/or sustaining multiple accounts (in addition to any existing accounts, whether active, inactive, or closed for any reason), is not permitted."

2. Am I allowed to share my account?

The answer is no. According to paragraph 2.13 in our Game Plan "An Account Holder shall not allow any other individual, including any minor, to use or co-hold their account, access and/or use any material or information from the Website, accept any Prize, or access and/or participate in the provided Services."

3. Am I allowed to use third-party payment methods for deposits or withdrawals on my own account or that of others?

According to paragraph 3.2 in our Game Plan "If You wish to participate in any Game, You will have to make a deposit into Your account from an account or source of which You are the account holder."

4. Why do I need to consult with Customer Support before I create a new account?

Customer support can give you all the info needed for any detail regarding your account and also help you best comply with our terms and conditions.

5. Can I re-register my new account while using the same mobile number and email address as previously used on my old account?

You will have to contact Customer Support for the resolution of this matter.

6. Will I need to complete the verification process again in my new account?

Since you are opening a new account and personal information cannot be transferred between accounts, yes, it is mandatory to verify your new account.

7. Do I have to use valid personal details for my account registration?

Yes. According to paragraph 2.7 in our Game Plan, "You must enter all mandatory information requested into Your registration form. In particular, Name/Surname, Date of Birth, Type of identification document and the relevant document Number, Address, Nationality and contact details, including a valid email address, Place of residence, relevant payment information, all of which must be true and correct"

G) Confidentiality

1. Are my account and personal details safe?

Yes, please check our Privacy Policy to see the measures we take to keep your information safe.

H) Contacting a responsible gaming representative

1. I am looking to contact a Responsible Gaming representative.

Our Customer Support is available 24/7/365.